Tuesday, July 26, 2011


So we managed to take the metro to our little, and I stress little, bed and breakfast which is in the Monmartre area of Paris. This is what is called the "artsy" district which contains many cabaret type places, cares, and the red light district ( go figure)! Our b and b is call l'Ermitage and is quite the hike from the closest metro, all up hill! We are within steps of the Sacre Couer, which is a very impressive church on top of a hill which supposedly has the best views of Paris.

Our room is small, dark, and decorated with flowers all over the room. There is a small but comfortable double bed, a small table and an ensuite bathroom which boasts the smallest little bathtub we've ever seen. The halls a dark and reminiscent of The 18th century. Some would call this place quaint but I'm thinking it is a bit dreary. The view is nice!

We headed out for a walk as soon as we arrived and as we headed up a woman drinking a beer at a little cafe table asked us what was below. We explained that we had just arrived and were looking for a place to eat and a beer. We entered the establishment but as the woman we were speaking to began arguing with the manager who wanted to charge €8 for a skinny little glass of wine, we made our way out in search of a more economical drinking establishment. A few doors down was a little store with tables. He was selling large cans of Heineken for €2,50! We bought three and called to the woman who was now finished yelling and was heading down the street. We ended up spending the rest of the night hanging out with Violet, from San Fransisco. Violet has been to Paris numerous times and is here for a five week visit with her daughter. We walked around Monmartre and found the moulin rouge then stopped for another beer and vino. We had a terrific time just orientating ourselves.

We headed back to our room for the night at about midnight leaving Violet in the thick of things.

This morning we headed out late and visited the Arc de Triumph before taking a stroll down the Champs Élysées. Chris stopped at all of the high end car dealerships and at Mikky D's for a genuine Parisienne cafè! (by the way, a large is barely a small by our standards)

We were forced to return to our room when the batteries on both our cameras gave out so we picked up a baguette, some cold meat, cheese, fruit and a couple of bottles of vino to have a picnic in our room. We are now heading out to Notre Dame, the Latin district and then to take in the Eiffel Tower at night! Bon soir!

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