Saturday, July 14, 2012

Prestwick Sea Air

Prestwick Main Street
I arrived at Glasgow Airport and once I collected my bag I went out front and hopped on the bus for a short trip to the train station where I made a connection onto a train to Prestwick airport. Total cost £4.30. Finding a phone booth to let Karen know that I had arrived was a bit of a challenge in this era of telephone mobility but I was eventually successful and I was soon having a cup of tea and meeting the newest addition to the Brown family, Keira! Usually when I travel I like to brag that I am not really affected by jet lag or at least I am able to fight through it. Alas, this was not the case for this trip! I headed up for a short nap at about noon, woke for dinner, yawned for the next few hours and then headed up to read and fell into a comatose like sleep for the next 12 hours. I blamed it on the fresh sea air of Prestwick but Jimmy thought my fatigue was a direct result of a lack of alcohol intake. In any case, I am feeling more refreshed and rested than I have in weeks!

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