Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Day in Helsinki - Bring Lots of Money

Sleeping was not on the agenda for my first night away. I went to bed at midnight and woke up at 2:30 am to a very blue sky so I spent the night on my computer, went for a stroll at about 4 am and then breakfasted at the ungodly hour of 6:30. Managed to doze off for an hour or so but forced myself to get up so I could look around.
View of the Marketplace from the Harbour in Helsinki
Helsinki is a port city that is quite easy to navigate by foot. I was a little overconfident in my inner compass and managed to turn a five minute walk down to the harbour into a thirty minute arduous hike but it was well worth it. The marketplace is a hub of activity with numerous vendors and a variety of ferries offering tours of the harbour and Suomenlinna Island, a world heritage site which houses a number of artisans and preserved sites. I took a tour around the harbour than ate a delicious lunch of salmon and reindeer for lunch at the marketplace...delicious! A very friendly Finnish gentleman joined me and we had a nice chat about Helsinki and Canada. Took a walk through the city and visited a little Lutheran church called Rock Church (Temppeliaukio Kirkko) which was literally built in a very big rock. Back to the hotel to get my bags and then sat in the main square to savour one of the most expensive coffees ever (almost 3 Euros or about 7 or 8 dollars!). This place seriously needs a Timmies!
Easy trip back to the airport on Finnair City bus which cost six Euro 80.
A nice little layover which I would highly reccommend but if you are on a budget, one or two nights is definitely the limit! I was very lucky to have two beautiful days with blue skies and temperatures in the low twenties and managed to leave with a bit of money still in my pocket.
Most expensive coffee ever!

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