Monday, July 15, 2013

Booking my Transportation to Beijing

As I said, I have been very spoiled during my time in Nantong with all of our helpers guiding and interpreting for us. On Friday I set out on my lonesome for the next leg of my adventure. Ben, one of our guides seems to be somewhat apprehensive about my ability to make my way in China but I am looking forward to the adventure. Ben tried to discourage my plan to take an overnight sleeper train to Beijing and wanted me to fly but I convinced him that I wanted the experience and he relented and took me to a ticket outlet to secure my arrangements. I am definitely glad he was with me as it was a tiny outlet in the back of a group of restaurants that was a bit difficult to find. But I now have secured a bus ticket to Nanjing for Friday at 5:30pm and then a train ticket for Shanghai to Beijing for 9:18pm! Train tickets can only be purchased eleven days in advance and they can get scooped up quite quickly as many people leave the cities on the weekends to return to their homes in the country.
I'm sure this will be quite the adventure!

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  1. Hey mom!

    I'm sure you will be fine traveling to Beijing by yourself :) haha
    Have fun with the rest of your teaching!

    Talk to you soon :) <3


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