Friday, July 4, 2014

The Bund, Shanghai

Yep, Shanghai is definitely a very crowded city!
Panoramic view of the Huangpu River, Pudong Bank
After checking in to my hotel, the very swanky Dorsett, I headed down to catch the views at the Bund. This is a waterfront area along Zhongshan Road on the western bank of the Huangpu Rivier. It faces the scenic financial Pudong district on the eastern side. The Bund is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Shanghai. I exited the metro at East Nanjing Road as per the hotel clerks instructions and landed up on an area called The Pedestrian Walkway. This is an area of high end stores and eating spots which, even though it was a Thursday evening, was jammed solid with people. I had no idea which direction to walk so I hopped on a little tourist train thing hoping that it might take me to the Bund. Alas, it did not but a wonderful Korean woman who was visiting Shanghai for business got in beside me. Claire was a wealth of information and as we rode along, ducking the flyers that were tossed in the window every few seconds and narrowly escaping having an eye poked out, she gave me a great introduction to the city. Clare gave me her map but I guess she thought I didn't really look capable of actually following it since she walked me down to the river and along the embankment. She was really a very helpful and interesting person. She offered to take me for dinner but I was feeling rather tired so I declined the offer and decided to just find something on my way back up Pedestrian Street.

View of the Pudong side.

Night time view of the Oriental Pearl TV Tower
Walking up this street, or should I say trying to weave my way through the multitudes of people that spilled over onto the road, reminded me of why China is considered crowded. I dodged and dived up the road as my feet were stepped on by various passerbys and was very thankful that I was only visiting.
Pedestrian Street Shanghai
Tomorrow, I planned to do a little more exploring before heading to Nanjing but for this weary traveller it was time to find a quick bite to eat and a bed!
Terrific dinner for a carnivore like leg. This was sitting in front of me about thirty seconds after I ordered it....


  1. Amazing Architecture, lucky duck ;) lol (get it hahah)

  2. This area is known for both the modern and the historical architecture.


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