Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A Little Auld Lang Syne

View from the Brig O' Doon in Alloway, Scotland

Any trip to the west coast of Scotland wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the home of Ayrshire’s most world-renowned son, Robbie Burns.  We visited the Robbie Burns interactive museum, took a walk on the Brig o’ Doon made famous by the timeless poem Tom O’Shanter, and had a trek through the iconic poet’s birthplace. The little village of Alloway is a beautiful place to spend a day if you are exploring the west coast of Scotland but I am sure Karen is getting a bit weary of escorting visitors – she must be an expert after all of the visits she has made!  I was hoping this cultural excursion might leave a long lasting impression upon my offspring but alas, the other day Shelby and I were watching some Christmas show and the cast began singing Auld Lang Syne. I asked Shelby if she knew who wrote this iconic little ditty and she had no idea – I guess I’ll need to drag her off to the Byrne’s Centre next time for a bit more education!

Brig O' Doon
Robbie Burns Memorial
Since the purpose of the whole trip had been to celebrate my birthday we decided to have a special dinner at the Wheatsheaf Inn in Symington where Karen and Jimmy’s daughter Emma works.  Dining in this 15th century building, which has been run as a hotel since the 1700s is a unique experience. The food was excellent - I had haggis, neeps and tatties – and the rustic setting and good company made this a wonderful occasion!

Brig O' Doon View, Alloway Scotland

Wheatsheaf Inn, Symington Scotland

Sadly, the kids had to return home on the morning of my birthday. We had managed to spend an incredible five days together exploring some of the highlights of Scotland and I can honestly say I enjoyed every minute of it! As my kids get older we aren’t able to travel together as much, but I will definitely try to make the effort, as they are great travel companions!

My daughters and I at the beach in Prestwick, Scotland.

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