Wednesday, June 30, 2010


As Don says, we got off the plane took the metro into Athens, found our hotel, had a nap and woke up on Barton Street! Athens is surprisingly dirty with plenty of traffic, motorcycles, and pigeons. When we got off of the plane we joined some other travellers and took the metro (the blue line) into Athens. We hauled our bags around the streets as we made our way to the Elysium Best Western. Room is very tiny but it has wifi and air conditioning so I can't complain. We went for a nice long walk, after being awake for over 30 hours or so. We went up to the Parthenon and strolled around quite a few shops. We stopped for a beer and a bite to eat, a Spanokopita (spinach and cheese pastry) for me and a McDonald's hamburger for Don! Came back to the closet, umm room, and had a much needed nap. We are off for another stroll...

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