Sunday, July 8, 2012

Off to Scotland, again!

Well summer has arrived again and since I hadn't made any plans ahead of time, I started looking at last minute flights anywhere in my desperation to get out of Hamilton for a bit and satisfy my endless need to wander.  I managed to get a great deal ($498 in total) for a round trip flight to Glasgow!  If anyone is looking for flights to the UK be sure to check out  I had credit on my rewards card so I ended up paying less than $400!

So once again, I am bound for Prestwick!  I called Karen and Jimmy, who have again graciously agreed to let me impose on them.  I leave on the 11th and am actually quite excited.  The forecast is crap, but you don't go to Scotland for the weather!  I will actually be relieved to get out of the heatwave we have had here in Southern Ontario for the last month but temps of 15 or 16 C and rain might be a bit of a drastic change.

Due to my late start planning anything, I am travelling solo on this trip but it is quite nice to be able to only consult with myself when making plans.  I've hardly had any disagreements at all!  I'm thinking of taking a ferry across to the Isle of Arran which is supposed to have some incredible biking paths.  I will rent a bike while there and just dawdle around I think!

Well, I guess it is time to drag out my suitcase and find a couple of cardigans and jeans...and an anorak!

More later!

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