Monday, July 4, 2016

One Night in Lima

Painting bought at JFK Park in Lima

Our trip was winding up so we headed
Cruz del Sur bus.
back to Paracas via bus. Now when I say bus you might envision an old rickety rust bucket or even something like our local Hamilton Street Railway but I must say Cruz del Sur bus lines was better then most plane rides I've taken with Air Transit. The seats were large and cushiony, could recline so you are practically lying down, had an individual viewing screen with movies and other entertainment, and you are even served lunch! 

Paracas bus station.

The bus station in Paracas was admittedly a bit on the shady side and I would recommend keeping a tight hand on your belongings. When I say bus station, I am really being generous, as it is really more of a shack kind of place with a few chairs and a small shop. We have a friend who visited Peru a few months before us and he had his bag stolen at this particular locale. When the taxi pulled up to this place the thought did cross my mind that maybe this particular driver was really part of some gang that was taking us to be robbed or kidnapped. I told the kids to stay in the car while I checked it out. Turned out it was the bus station and not a local crime depot.

We stayed at Casa Wayra B&B Miraflores and had one large room with a washroom for the four of us. We wanted to explore the city a bit so this economical choice, within walking distance to most of the highlights was perfect.  We headed to John F. Kennedy Park where apparently hundreds of stray cats hang out and are fed by some locals. It is also known as cat park and is surrounded by many local artists selling their creations. Bobby and Sasha made a purchase and despite my best efforts I made little headway in trying to barter with the artist...might have had something to do with the fact that he was deaf!

Cat Park, Lima Peru

Larcomar Cliff
We took a walk along Larcomar cliff and stopped for drinks at a little Italian restaurant, La trattoria di Mambrino. Now Larcomar was seriously crowded, very touristy, and expensive. We wanted to try one of Lima's world re-knowned restaurants so I let Sasha choose. I ended up having the manager of La Trattoria call Rafael's so that I could secure a reservation which was pretty nervy but he was very gracious and kind. Restaurants such as Rafael's don't even open their doors until 8pm and although they were fully booked they agreed to set up a table in the bar area. I must say the decor and ambience were amazing and I had quite possibly the best food I have ever tasted at this meal! We even ordered dessert! Although one of the top restaurants in Lima (rated #13 of 50 best restaurants in Latin America), I didn't think the prices were that unreasonable. I have paid the same, if not more, at far inferior establishments in Toronto.

Delicious meal at Rafael's

We headed back to our room very happy, ready for a good nights sleep before our early departure at 6am. Unfortunately, a good nights rest was not in the cards. Sasha and Shelby had both ordered a lobster dish and at about 5 in the morning they were both in agony and running to the bathroom. The poor things were so sick I wondered if we would make it to the airport. We pumped them full of the handy stomach medication we had prescribed (glad I didn't waste our money on that) and tried to give them fluids but the trek to the bathroom continued. Finally, we didn't have a choice and we had to pack the two invalids into a cab for the gruesome thirty minute ride to the airport. We nearly made it without having to stop...but not quite. It really was a miserable way to end our trip but on the upside, the flight attendant did give us rows of seats to ourselves right near the lav!

Prettiest drinks ever at  La Trattoria di Mambrino Larcomar Park, Lima Peru.

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