Thursday, August 1, 2013

Thailand Welcome You

When they said this was the rainy season in Thailand, they were understating the situation...basically, it feels like I landed in the middle of monsoon season!
I was greeted at the airport by rain and once again was forced to have a nice young man call my hotel to see where my driver was. Luckily, he showed up shortly after. Manik was the owner of the small hostel I had booked outside of Phuket called The Summerside Inn. The hostel itself is actually his house with five thematic rooms upstairs. I didn't actually see much of my room since as soon as we arrived Manik invited me to join his wife and a few of their friends for a nice little kitchen party. They were all quite generous with the Thai Whiskey and various other shots which flowed freely. We were all soon conversing, somewhat, and singing along to Kit's music as he played the guitar and sang Western songs with a Thai twist. Kit couldn't speak much English but he generously exclaimed phrases such as, "You my friend", "I like you!", and "Thailand welcome you!"
I headed off to bed at about two am and was rudely awakened by my alarm at seven. Manik had booked a ride to the ferry that was to take me to Koh Phi Phi. I departed in a bit of a foggy state and forgot a pair of glasses in my room. Shortly after I arrived at the pier there was Manik, tapping me on the shoulder with my glasses perched on the end of his nose. He had followed us all the way to the pier to return them to me!

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